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Too hot to handle - broker briefings on hotworks on flat roofs

ECIC links with National Federation of Roofing Contractors to boost broker awareness of roofing risks

ECIC, the specialist insurer for the contracting sector has joined forces with the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) to help boost broker awareness of the risk factors involved in the use of heat and hot works throughout the roofing industry.  A training programme has been launched designed specifically for brokers, to increase their technical competence in the waterproofing sector. 


John Flaherty,  Business Development Executive for ECIC said: “Brokers play a vital role in supporting contractors’ risk management, particularly smaller businesses who don’t have risk management resources of larger firms at their disposal.  They can only really do this effectively if they fully understand the scope and type of risks their customers face day in day out.  While most training offered by insurers focus on the soft skills such as sales and marketing, we believe it is our duty to help build brokers’ technical expertise through free, CPD approved training programmes. We hope the insights gained both on a practical and theoretical basis, will have a positive impact roofers’ safety, going forward."


The first training session attended by 24 brokers took place at the Briggs Amasco centre in the West Midlands and was presented by Gary Walpole, the Single Ply Roofing Association’s Training Manager. Brokers were given a first hand opportunity to learn the risks associated with the use of a naked flame, highlighting the importance of encapsulating timber and other combustible materials before hot works commence. The training also covered contractor safety in the context of CDM 2015, permits-to-work, hotwork permits, safety schemes in procurement (SSIP) as well as the competent persons schemes.


Zena Tebboth from PRS (Insurance Services) Ltd said: “Unless you have worked in roofing, it takes time to fully appreciate the risks inherent in the work, particularly in light of recent regulatory changes.  The training was comprehensive and hugely insightful, and included a practical session on gas torches and their different safety mechanisms.  I came away from the day with a much deeper understanding of the risks my clients encounter, as well as the ways in which those risks can be mitigated.  This is all valuable knowledge in our efforts to retain existing relationships and build new business opportunities.”



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